Website Hosting

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Super fast and reliable hosting services for our clients.

Website Hosting

All our new and existing clients are offered Hosting as part of their website design. By choosing us to provide their hosting we are keeping everything in the one place for easier maintenance.
Starting at only $12 per month, our prices are extremely competitive.


All hosting accounts are secure and private. You control all the data so if you decide to move to a different hosting provider it can be easily completed.

Premium Speed

Our servers are based on 3 continents allowing your visitors to access your website quickly. No-one like a slow loading website and usually browse away if taking too long to load.


Wanting to build an online shop? Our hosting is optimised for eCommerce websites. Allowing for fast loading products and easy integration of SSL certificates.

Premium Backup

Peace of mind with your choice of weekly or monthly back ups of your website. Having backups of your data can save a lot of headaches and stress.

Want secure and reliable hosting?

Wanting to add hosting as part of your new website?
Let us run you through the pros and cons of hosting.