Website Design

Designing websites is a passion for us, not just a job.

We do what we love, designing websites.

Being passionate about website design drives us towards creating websites that we are personally connected to. This investment and passion lead to unique and lasting website value, to you and your visitors.
By avoiding the use of templates and trying to fit your website into a pre-existing design, we are able to produce a website that is one of a kind.

With our unique website design, our clients are more successful.

When designing your new websites, we focus on user experience to convert and boost the impression of your brand online. Starting with understanding our clients’ needs and requirements to develop a solid framework from where we build the website. We then design the structure the website along with a seamless navigation creating the backbone of the website.

Taking on board the clients’ current or proposed brand identity, the graphic design component is undertaken. This concept is to outline who your business is, what your business does and how your business does it. Concept design phase can include stock imagery that we can provide or the businesses own imagery to help establish brand recognition throughout the website.

Having structured content is the most important part of your website. We focus structuring your content so that it’s a seamless experience for the user while being legible and well-presented. The way your website is structured and presented immediately effects your business by solidifying the relationships with existing clients/customers and helps draw in new leads.

Responsive Website Design.

When customers are looking for a product or service, their first introduction to a new business is through their website. More often than not, this first interaction is done on their mobile device. We have all visited a website that isn’t responsive and requires the user to zoom, scroll and pan to view a page. Or the page has been a quick mobile page copy with content that displays poorly, links are broken or menus don’t work. This is a sure way to send your potential clients or customers away to a competitor.
We focus our website design for the best user experience for those users on-the-go to access all your content correctly and quickly. Designing websites with this method helps you seize the opportunity to stand out from the rest and also gain points with Google rankings.

There are 2 kinds of website design we offer

Static Website Design
These designs are used for those businesses who do not need to continually update content. They work well for businesses who want a page to display an online brochure or a landing page for their services.
The content can only be updated by a web designer.
Prices start at $400.

CMS Website Design
Content Management System (CMS) websites allow users to log into an admin area to update content, imagery or add blog posts to their website. CMS websites are by far our most common design as it allows the user to update text or images whenever they like, without the need to know website development.
Prices start at $800.

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